What are the advantages of cnc rapid prototyping technology

What are the advantages of cnc rapid prototyping technology

News Dec 06 2019

China CNC Rapid Prototyping technology breaks through the traditional part processing mode of "blank / cutting / finished product", and creates a precedent for making parts without tools. It is an unprecedented thin-layer superposition processing method. Compared with traditional cutting methods, cnc rapid prototyping has the following advantages:
1.Free-form surfaces and more complex parts can be quickly manufactured, such as grooves, shoulders and hollow parts in parts.The complexity and production volume of parts are basically independent of manufacturing costs, which greatly reduces the development of new products. Cost and development cycle.
China CNC Rapid Prototyping

2. It belongs to non-contact processing, and does not need the tools and fixtures necessary for machine cutting, without the influence of tool wear and cutting force.
3. No vibration, noise and cutting waste.
4, can achieve fully automated production.
5, high processing efficiency, can quickly make product solid models and molds.
Now more and more institutions are engaged in the research and development of rapid prototyping equipment, processes and related application software, and more and more enterprises use rapid prototyping technology to directly serve production and new product development. Rapid prototyping technology has developed to this day.
China CNC Rapid Prototyping

It is relatively mature, and various new molding processes are constantly emerging. Looking forward to the further development of this technology, its development goal should be to achieve rapid, low-cost, high-precision, and direct molding manufacturing of various products or parts. To this end, further research and development focus on rapid prototyping technology.

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