Rapid prototyping of automotive parts

Rapid prototyping of automotive parts

News May 18 2020

Our reliable rapid prototyping services have provided services to many customers in rapid prototyping of automotive parts, financial equipment, communication equipment, smart homes, medical equipment, electronic products, consumer electronics, etc. Therefore, we have adjusted the system to ensure that any order is produced and delivered to each customer regardless of the quantity in due time. Our production system can produce parts in batches, small batches or large batches. The most important aspect is that our quality standards are high. Because we only use the right tools that can quickly capture all relevant product details, our product design phase is reduced. We can quickly create an industrial part prototype and show it to the customer, and then the customer can decide whether certain changes must be made to the original design.

In the automotive industry, we have 15 years of experience in prototype design and manufacturing of auto parts. With our exquisite technology and efficient services, our business scope covers the world and has been highly recognized by customers. 

The tolerance range of rapid prototyping is +/- 0.05mm ~ 0.1mm

Standard delivery time is within 1-2 weeks. Can also provide emergency services

Need for rapid prototyping service quotation (wuxingrui@ruiyimodel.com)