How to use the correct and reasonable pouring method for aluminum alloy processing

How to use the correct and reasonable pouring method for aluminum alloy processing

News Apr 30 2020

Shenzhen aluminum alloy processing adopts correct and reasonable casting method, which is one of the important conditions for obtaining high-quality castings. Production practice, pay attention to the following items, is very effective to prevent and reduce casting defects.

(1) Before pouring, carefully check the melt temperature, the ladle capacity and the dryness of the coating layer on the surface, and whether the preparation of other tools meets the requirements. The metal sprue cup is placed on the sand mold within 3-5 minutes before pouring. At this time, the temperature of the ladle is not higher than 150 degrees. The placement is too early or the temperature is too high. The sprue is holding a lot of gas. There is a danger of explosion when pouring.

(2) Can not be cast in the occasion of "over the wind", and the melt is strongly oxidized and burned, which causes defects such as oxidation inclusions in the casting.

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(3) When obtaining the melt from the crucible, the oxide scale or flux layer on the surface of the melt should be gently opened with the bottom of the ladle, the ladle is slowly immersed in the melt, and the melt is scooped with the wide mouth of the ladle , And then lift the ladle steadily.

(4) Don't flatten your hands when you end the ladle, keep your steps steady, the ladle should not be raised too high, and the metal liquid level in the ladle must be stable and not moved.

(5) When pouring, the slag of the ladle should be cleaned to avoid bringing slag, oxide scale, etc. into the mold during pouring.

(6) During the pouring, the melt flow will remain stable and cannot be interrupted or directly punched into the bottom hole of the mouth. The gate should be full from beginning to end, the liquid level should not be turned, and the pouring speed should be properly controlled. Normally, the start of pouring is slightly slower, so that the melt filling is stable, and then the speed is slightly faster, and the pouring speed is basically kept unchanged.

(7) During the pouring process, the distance between the ladle nozzle and the gate should be as close as possible, not exceeding 50 mm, to avoid excessive oxidation of the melt.

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(8) The sprue with clogging should not be dialed too early. After the melt is filled with the sprue, slowly pull it out obliquely to avoid vortex flow when the melt is poured into the sprue.

(9) Castings should not be cast for melts below 60 mm from the bottom of the crucible.

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