Extensive application of aluminum alloy materials in the prototype industry

Extensive application of aluminum alloy materials in the prototype industry

News Dec 10 2019

Lightweight, with strong plasticity and recyclability, but its softness makes it a poor choice for mechanical applications.
However, if aluminum is mixed with other elements, including magnesium, silicon, copper, and zinc, under heat treatment, it will form what we usually call an aluminum alloy.
Aluminum alloy has good strength. It can reach 600Mpa for cemented carbide and 200-450Mpa for common cemented carbide. Therefore, it has been widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry.
Classification of aluminum housing:
1. Plastic case charger case
Molded case is made of plastic material through injection molding machine mold, and has charger case, adapter case, power supply case, switching power supply case, industrial power case, inverter case, LED power box, aluminum profile Shell and through. The quality of the metal casing differs significantly in terms of material processing. These hardware enclosures are of various types, widely used, and have broad prospects.
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2. Waterproof power supply case
The main purpose is to produce a shaped aluminum shell from a plastic material through a mold for an injection molding machine. It is highly waterproof, tough in texture, not easy to leak, and better able to meet customer needs.
3. Charger aluminum case
Charger shell for wall socket, the interface is line card type, and large screws are used for welding. The pin material can be copper or iron. It can be light hole or light hole, which is very convenient to prepare. In fact, the charger case with a light hole will be better, because the user can judge based on the discoloration of the light hole.
The charging situation brings information to the user, which can prevent excessive power consumption, damage to the battery, and user safety.
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4, transfer aluminum shell
Uniform has played a significant role in reducing consumer costs, saving social resources and reducing e-waste. However, there are some problems in the implementation of this standard. For example, some adapter cases do not support USB charging. Enforcing the standard will cause problems such as broken voltage regulators and reduced connection rates during charging.

5, power aluminum case
Generally, it is a housing made of plastic rubber, which can provide insulation. At the same time, the quality of the housing is also related to consumer safety. The high-quality shell can play a good role in heat insulation and waterproof, and the quality is poor. The housing will not only affect the normal use of the machine, but also affect the safety of consumers. So which power supply case is more secure? The answer must be a housing made of high quality and guaranteed materials.

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